UN-OHRLLS is delighted to have run the Voices of a Brighter Future sustainable energy journalism competition 

Journalists from Least Developed Countries were invited to submit stories on how sustainable energy is positively affecting communities in their countries. Seven winners, were selected by a high-level panel to attend the Sustainable Energy For All Forum in Lisbon (2-3 May, 2018) and also have their stories featured by the UN.

A new digital magazine featuring the winning LDC journalists and their stories was launched on 1 May, 2018.  The magazine’s launch was timed to coincide with the start of the Sustainable Energy for All Forum taking place in Lisbon (2-3 May, 2018) and where the winning journalists will be participating. 

The competition has been run by UN-OHRLLS with generous support from the Government of Norway, Sustainable Energy for All and the UN Office for South-South Cooperation




Winners (from top left):

Sèna Libla – Solar street lights changing lives in Benin

Moussa Ngom – Senegalese communities call for better solar equipment

James Chavula – Smoky kitchens: Malawi’s cooking crisis

Safia Mahdi- Solar energy in Yemen. Light shines through the darkness of war

Milo Milfort – Renewable energy is the future for Haiti

Kossi Elom Balao- In Togo, Women Bring Solar Energy and Hope to Farmers

Abu Siddique – Solar energy illuminates street lamps in rural Bangladesh village

UN-OHRLLS wishes to thank all the participants who took part in this competition and who helped to shine a light on the remarkable difference that sustainable energy makes in their communities.

Honourable Mentions:

Florida Zossoungbo – Biogas: A sustainable energy source for communities

Mafoudia Camara – Renewable Energy

Mahabir Paudyal – Tapping into Sustainable Energy

Daniel Addeh – Togo: Energy to Succeed

Abdirizak Atosh: Investment in solar energy using water and solar power is the best way Somalia can recover