UN-OHRLLS and iTunes Partner to Showcase Small Island Music                   

Musicians from Small Island Developing States selected to feature in a brand new category on iTunes

The list of artists compiled by UN-OHRLLS, in close collaboration with the Permanent Missions to the UN in New York, and iTunes includes the most iconic artists, but also promising new performers with a special emphasis on youth.

The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) music category will be featured on the front page of iTunes for two weeks over the  Third International Conference on SIDS in Apia, Samoa and will remain as a permanent category on iTunes afterwards.


Featured Tracks: –Laura Beg, Mauritius – Prince Royce, Dominican Republic – The Katinas, Samoa


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2014 has so far been exceptional for the Small Island Developing States. The year kicked-off with the United Nations dedicating 2014 to small islands – the first time a group of countries has been afforded such recognition. To coincide with this sustained international focus on island nations, world leaders will gather in Samoa for the Third International Conference on SIDS, an event that will shine the spotlight on myriad challenges facing this group of countries. Island nations have maintained that even as thousands of participants convene in Apia to see how best to partner for the improvement of livelihoods, it should be highlighted that the islands are rich sites of music and vibrant culture.

One of the main challenges facing SIDS is their remoteness and lack of connectivity. The partnership with iTunes will promote a wide variety of island cultures and amplify the of artists who would not ordinarily would not have such vast exposure. The partnership exemplifies the some of the potential of creative partnerships between the private sector and island nations which UN-OHRLLS works hard to support.

Aina Andremanisa, August 2014