United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on LDC Graduation

The United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on LDC Graduation was established by UN-OHRLLS in late 2017 in order to improve coordinated UN system-wide support to the countries preparing to graduate from the LDC category.

The IATF on LDC Graduation, chaired by OHRLLS Director, brings together many UN agencies and other international and regional organizations that support LDCs to work more collaboratively and in concert with graduating countries in order to ensure a smooth transition process.

The IATF plans to assist LDCs in the graduation pipeline by supporting their formulation of smooth transition strategies; this process calls for the IATF to clearly convey what graduation entails and to support a country’s graduation preparation based on its unique development needs and goals.

Two Joint UN Workshops on Graduation Support have recently taken place: 

  1. Joint UN Workshop in Support of São Tomé e Príncipe’s Graduation from the LDC Category, São Tomé, 12 – 13 September 2019 
  2. Joint UN Workshop in Support of Solomon Islands’ Graduation from the LDC Category, Honiara, 17 – 18 October 2019 

Both São Tomé and Príncipe and the Solomon Islands are scheduled to graduate in 2024. These workshops contributed to each country’s graduation process and are intended as one step in the continued support offered by the UN System to graduating countries.

Within the UN system, the IATF aims to generate awareness and political support for graduating LDCs so that other countries understand the challenges that graduating countries face even after they are no longer classified as an LDC. By doing so, development and trading partners will have a deeper understanding of how best to support a smooth and sustainable transition for graduating LDCs that will not disrupt the trajectory of their development.

Additionally, as the IPoA implementation period draws to a close, the IATF recognizes that the coordinated agency support for LDCs is crucial during the transition to a new programme of action. The IATF is designed to be responsive to the unique needs of LDCs in the graduation pipeline and to boost collaboration between agencies, donors and graduating LDCs. Thus, the IATF looks forward to supporting graduating LDCs in the new decade ahead.

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