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3 December 2009
Statement at the Bruno Kriesky Forum for International Dialogue
Vienna, Austria
16-18 November 2009Statement at the 1st World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE 2009)Doha, Qatar
11 November 2009
Statement at the Meeting of the Group of the Least Developed Countries at the Ambassadorial Level
5 November 2009 Keynote Speech at Conference on Mobilizing Resources for Development- Organized by WIPOGeneva, Switzerland
20 October 2009
Introduction of the Report of the Secretary-General- Implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action
20 October 2009
Introduction of the Report of the Secretary-General- Implementation of the Programme of Action for the LDCs for Decade 2001-2010
15 October 2009Statement at the Consultation Meeting for the Permanest Reprisentatives of the African Member States on the Issue of Small Ams and Light WeaponsNY, USA
11 October 2009Statement at the Forum on Sustainable Development on the theme Climate Change: What Opportunities for Sustainable Development? (In French)Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
29 September 2009
Statement at the LDCs Ministerial Meeting
25 September 2009
Statement at the Eighth Annual LLDCs Ministerial Meeting
10 September 2009Statement at the opening of the Seminar Countering Climate Change Vulnerability: Obligations and Opportunities in implementing a post 2012 AgreementNY, USA
15-17 June 2009Opening Remarks at the TICAD Africa-Asia Business Forum VKampala, Uganda
14 June 2009Welcome Statement at the Open Forum on “Early Warning, Early Action”NY, USA
19 May 2009Remarks at the Meeting of “Friends of OSAA”NY, USA
15 May 2009
Copenhagen outcome:opportunities for addressing the priorities of the vulnerable countries
23-29 April 2009
Statement to the ESCAP 65th Commission Special body on the Least Developed and Landlocked Developing Countries
Bangkok, Thailand
22 April 2009 Remarks at the Round Table on “Equity and the Social Dimentions of Climate Change”Washington, USA
9 April 2009 Briefing on the Strategic Plan for Delivering OSAA’s MandateNY, USA
6 April 2009 Remarks at the “Interactive Thematic Dialogue of the U.N. General Assembly on the Global Food Crisis and the Right to Food” NY, USA
4 March 2009
Statement by High Representative at the “Athgo International – Global Clean Technology Forum”
Los Angeles, USA
18 February 2009
Statement to Group of Least Developed Countries