Press Releases

5 December 2019 – International Community Reaffirms Commitments to World’s Landlocked Developing Countries

23 October 2019 – Business Network Calls for Scaling Up Ocean Partnerships for Small Island Developing States

22 October 2019 – UN Works to Provide Integrated Support to the Solomon Islands as it Prepares to Graduate from Least Developed Country Status

27 September 2019 – UN-OHRLLS and IRENA Agree to Support Renewable Energy Growth in World’s Most Climate Vulnerable Countries.

25 July 2019 – Cabo Verde hosts UN Meeting on Localising SAMOA Pathway in Small Island Developing States

31 May 2019 – Urgent Action Needed to Scale Up Energy Access in World’s Poorest Countries

7 February 2019 – New study launched to identify sustainable energy investment opportunities in Malawi

23 January 2019 – Ahead of 2020 Deadline World’s Poorest Countries Struggle to Meet Goals of Istanbul Programme of Action

4 December 2018 – New Managing Director for Technology Bank welcomed to United Nations

19 June 2018 – Tonga hosts UN regional meeting to review programme of action for small islands in the Pacific

11 June 2018- Inaugural meeting of International Think Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries takes place in Mongolia

6 June 2018 – Media Advisory for the Inaugural Meeting of the International Think Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries

4 June 2018 – Technology Bank for least developed countries inaugurated in Turkey

3 June 2018 – Official Handover of the Technology Bank’s premises to the United Nations

23 May 2018 – Business forum strengthens tourism partnerships for small islands

17 May 2018 – Media Advisory: SIDS Global Business Network Forum 

17 May 2018-  Media Advisory: Africa, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea (AIMS) Regional Review Meeting of the SAMOA Pathway 

17 May 2018- A New Declaration at the end of two-day Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Transport

16 May 2018 – Ministers from landlocked developing countries call for improved trade 

2 May 2018 – Journalism competition winners highlight benefits of sustainable energy for world’s poorest countries (French Version)

2 May 2018 – Journalism competition winners highlight benefits of sustainable energy for world’s poorest countries

24 January 2018 – World’s least developed countries on target to achieve universal and affordable internet by 2020

20 December 2017 – Norway donates more than 1 million USD to new Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries

29 November 2017 – World’s poorest countries call for greater support to ensure long-term, sustainable growth

26 October 2017 – Achieving sustainable development through enhanced broadband connectivity in Asia-Pacific least developed countries

6 October 2017 – Multilateral Agreement on the International Think Tank for Landlocked Developing Countries Enters into Force

22 September 2017 – Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries Operationalized, 22 September

19 July 2017 – World’s least developed countries face significant challenges in implementing the Istanbul Programme of Action and the Sustainable Development Goals

6 June 2017 – Equatorial Guinea marks a major milestone as it graduates from the category of Least Developed Countries

25 May 2017 – Vulnerable countries must be at the forefront of disaster risk reduction efforts

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22 March 2017 – Achieving Sustainable Energy: A Win-Win Scenario for Asia-Pacific’s Least Developed Countries

15 March 2017 – Media Background Note: Sustainable Energy in Asia-Pacific LDCs

9 March 2017 – Improved transport and trade facilitation key to achieving sustainable development for landlocked and transit countries in Euro-Asia [En] [Vn]

3 March 2017 – Media Advisory – High-Level Meeting for the Euro-Asia Region on Improving Cooperation on Transit, Trade Facilitation and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

2 March 2017 – World’s Vulnerable Economies Expected to Boost Trade as Major Global Agreement Comes into Force

28 February 2017 – Africa’s poorest countries call for greater investment in broadband infrastructure and technology [En] [Fr]

23 February 2017 – Media Advisory – Accelerating the Implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action for African Least Developed Countries: A Focus on Broadband

23 December 2016 – Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries established by UN General Assembly [En] [Fr]

5 December 2016: African Least Developed Countries focus on sustainable energy

2 December 2016: Media Advisory – Regional Meeting on Sustainable Energy for African Least Developed Countries

19 October 2016: Small islands call for solutions to challenges of urbanisation

17 October 2016: Sustainable development of towns and cities critical for world’s poorest countries

13 October 2016: Sustainable transport key to achieving development goals for the world’s landlocked developing countries

23 September 2016: Small island leaders call for action on plastic pollution

13 September 2016: World’s poorest countries make progress but face new challenges to sustainable development and call for strong global partnerships

24 June 2016: Landlocked Developing countries call on international community to meet global commitments and support sustainable development

23 June 2016: Releasing trade potential in landlocked developing countries vital to future sustainable development

22 June 2016: Media Alert – Ministerial Meeting of Landlocked Developing Countries

8 June 2016: Small Island voyagers arrive at United Nations in New York to mark World Oceans Day

29 May 2016: World’s Least Developed Countries must be at the forefront of sustainable development

27 May 2016: Global community meet to assess progress of Least Developed Countries at major UN event

10 May 2016: Global community urged to reaffirm commitment to enhance support to world’s poorest ahead of major UN meeting for Least Developed Countries

24 March 2016: Small islands plan greater collaboration with private sector

22 March 2016: Public-Private Partnerships Vital for Small Islands

22 March 2016: Global business network launched for small islands

6 December 2015: Vulnerable countries call for increased resources and greater priority in allocation of climate change finance

1 December 2015: Survival of small islands hinges on climate negotiations in Paris

26 September 2015: Joint press statement following the High-Level Roundtable on South-South Cooperation

22 September 2015: Technology Bank feasible and desirable for world’s poorest nations

10 July 2015: UN-OHRLLS advocates for vulnerable countries at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development

9 June 2015: Least Developed Countries in Africa committed to graduating from category of world’s poorest countries and improving food security

4 June 2015: Ministers from Least Developed Countries in Africa to meet at the World Expo in Milan

4 June 2015: At UN-backed meeting, landlocked developing countries call for greater action on efforts toward sustainable development

26 May 2015: Global partners convene High-Level Ministerial Meeting on Landlocked Developing Countries in Livingstone, Zambia

15 April 2015: Agreement signed between United Nations and International Road Transportation Union to strengthen implementation plan of action for landlocked developing countries

31 March 2015: African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development endorse 10-year action plan for landlocked developing countries

17 March 2015: Partnerships vital to building resilience for small islands

16 February 2015: Technology Bank proposed for world’s poorest countries 

16 December 2014: Least Developed Countries determined to graduate from status as world’s poorest

11 December 2014: Least Developed Countries from Asia and the Pacific meet in Kathmandu to lay foundations for ‘graduation’

5 November 2014: World leaders adopt ambitious 10 year action-plan for Landlocked Developing Countries

23 October 2014: Greater effort needed to eradicate extreme poverty in the world’s most vulnerable nations

8 October 2014: Media Advisory: Governments, business leaders and civil society to address major challenges of Landlocked Developing Countries at historic UN global gathering in Vienna

01 September 2014 : United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon sails on traditional HŌKŪLEʻA in Apia, Samoa

28 August 2014: Small islands team up with private sector for concrete partnerships ahead of conference

26 August 2014 : Apple iTunes teams up with United Nations to amplify music from small islands nations

31 July 2014 : Least developed countries call for enhanced partnerships and aid commitments

28 July 2014 : World’s least developed countries gather in Benin to call for new partnerships to build productive capacity

4 June 2014: Global partners support new agreement to help Landlocked Developing Countries harness trade

7 May 2014: Senior UN official calls for greater support to landlocked developing countries

25 April 2014: High Representative urges high-level participation in Second UN Conference on the Landlocked Developing Countries

28 March 2014: United Nations Under Secretary-General and High Representative to visit Samoa

31 Oct 2013: UN launches a dedicated facility for technology transfer for the landlocked developing countries

31 Oct 2013: Scale up efforts to close the digital divide between the landlocked developing countries and other groups of countries

11 Oct 2013: Least Developed Countries call for global goal on sustainable energy

27 Sept 2013: World’s Least Developed Countries call  for support to build productive capacity – UN-OHRLLS Report

12 June 2013: World Bank Preconference Event on trade development and trade facilitation in LLDCs

23 June 2010:  Government of India announced donation towards Fourth UN Conference on LDCs

21 April 2008:  UN official says hasty trade liberalization has disadvantaged poor countries

21 April 2008:  Landlocked countries still marginalized, senior United Nations official says

28 March 2008: Turkey announces additional support to vulnerable African countries

26 March 2008: ICT can help weak countries jump development hurdles

22 February 2008: Poor roads keeping Africa poor – UN Adviser on Africa 19 February 2008: No more an LDC, Cape Verde looks to build on economic gains

15 February 2008: Climate change fund for Small Island Developing States launched

22 January 2008: Secretary-General names Cheick Sidi Diarra Special Advisor on Africa and High Representative for LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS

22 October 2007: One laptop per child dream in sight

19 October 2007: General Assembly president pledges action on issues crucial to poorest countries

14 September 2007: UN envoy calls on vulnerable countries to prepare well for meetings on Climate Change

12 September 2007: Envoy for world’s poorest countries holds first headquarters press briefing

30 August 2007: Mongolia meeting on landlocked developing countries highlights trade barriers

28 August 2007: Mongolia leader urges solution to landlocked developing countries’s trade plight

24 August 2007: Media Advisory: New UN envoy for vulnerable countries to address Mongolia meeting on landlocked countries