UN official calls for insurance scheme to hedge against catastrophes in small islands

BANGKOK, 23 APRIL 2008 – The UN envoy for the world’s most vulnerable countries has called for an insurance scheme to aid island developing states in the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans in times of natural catastrophe. Addressing a meeting […]

Landlocked countries reduce costs of moving goods

BANGKOK, 22 April 2008 – Landlocked Developing Countries have registered significant progress in their efforts to end their marginalization from the international trading system, a top United Nations official has said. Speaking at a regional meeting of Asian states, Mr. […]

Landlocked countries still marginalized, senior United Nations official says

New York, 21 April 2008 — The United Nations’ senior-most official responsible for the world’s most vulnerable groups of countries has said that despite the gains brought by the international trading system, Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) remain marginalized and their […]

Trade liberalization not enough, says UN official

New York, 21 April 2008 — The trade liberalization witnessed in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs ) between 2000 and 2005 has, instead of leading to the expansion of exports and stimulate growth, led to further marginalization and loss of […]

Turkey announces additional support to vulnerable African countries

New York, 28 March 2008 — Turkey today announced an additional US$50 million for the financing of development projects in African countries over the next five years. Making the announcement, Kenan Tepedelen, Coordinator for Turkey’s Relations with the Least Developed […]