29 Nov 2014 – Asia-Pacific LDC ministers’ meeting to lay focus on ‘graduation’ plan

The ministerial meeting of Least Developed Countries of Asia-Pacific region, to be held in Kathmandu next month, will focus on sharing experiences and formulating strategies on how to graduate from LDC status to that of developing nation. Nepal is hosting […]

5 Nov 2014 – World leaders adopt ambitious 10 year action-plan for LLDCs

Vienna, 5 November – The United Nations General Assembly today adopted a 10 year action-plan aimed at accelerating sustainable development in the world’s 32 landlocked developing countries (LLDCs). The Vienna Programme of Action with six clearly defined priorities encapsulates a […]

2 Nov 2014 – We must recognise the special needs of landlocked developing countries

Delegates at a UN conference on Monday need to find solutions to the unique disadvantages facing landlocked poor countries. Landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) face particular challenges that limit their potential gains from trade, and restrict their resources for investing in […]

20 Oct 2014 Poor countries need fair trade rules – UN

Geneva: Least-developed and land-locked developing countries like Uganda should be integrated in the global economy “through open, non-discriminatory and equitable trade,” a senior United Nations (UN) diplomat has said. Ban Ki-Moon, the UN secretary general, has also called for the […]

16 Oct 2014 – Give landlocked nations a tech boost, says UN chief

The international community must do more to provide landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) with the agricultural and industrial technology to turn raw materials into high-value products, a UN chief tells SciDev.Net ahead Second UN Conference on LLDCs, in Vienna, Austria (3-5 […]