19 January 2015 – Pacific Islands Call for New Thinking to Implement Post-2015 Development Goals

SYDNEY, Jan 19 2015 (IPS) – As the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of poverty-alleviation targets set by the United Nations, come to a close this year, countries around the world are taking stock of their successes and failures […]

16 December 2014 – Least Developed Countries from Asia and the Pacific meet in Kathmandu to work towards ‘graduation’

Ministers and high-level officials have opened a three day meeting in Kathmandu today, to discuss ways in which Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in Asia and the Pacific, can  graduate from the LDC category, assigned to the world’s poorest countries on […]

12 December 2014 – UN to support Myanmar’s graduation from LDC status

United Nations organisations will cooperate to support Myanmar in getting off the list of the Least Developed Countries, said a senior UN official. The UN High Representative Gyan Chandra Acharya said at a press briefing on Wednesday that Myanmar’s graduation […]

29 Nov 2014 – Asia-Pacific LDC ministers’ meeting to lay focus on ‘graduation’ plan

The ministerial meeting of Least Developed Countries of Asia-Pacific region, to be held in Kathmandu next month, will focus on sharing experiences and formulating strategies on how to graduate from LDC status to that of developing nation. Nepal is hosting […]

5 Nov 2014 – World leaders adopt ambitious 10 year action-plan for LLDCs

Vienna, 5 November – The United Nations General Assembly today adopted a 10 year action-plan aimed at accelerating sustainable development in the world’s 32 landlocked developing countries (LLDCs). The Vienna Programme of Action with six clearly defined priorities encapsulates a […]