ILO Launches ‘Toolkit’ To Ease Tourism Industry’s Woes

The International Labour Organisation has released a comprehensive training toolkit to promote decent work in the tourism industry and contribute to poverty reduction via the promotion of jobs in rural areas. Designed as training course, the toolkit is aimed at […]

UN Official Urges Focus On Rural Development To Lift Millions Out Of Poverty

A top United Nations official today committes to pull up to 90 million people out of poverty by 2015 and help small farmers and all those in rural areas to realize their potential in eliminating hunger and promoting development. “Smallholder […]

Africa: No Global Security Without A Thriving World Agriculture Sector

  In an insightful keynote address at the International Fund for Agricultural Fund (IFAD) annual meeting, Mario Monti, Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, underscored the relationships between food security,   global security and the future of the planet. Echoing […]

UN Official Stresses Importance Of Cooperation Between Africa And Its Diasporas

A senior United Nations official today stressed the importance of establishing partnerships and cooperation between African-based decision-makers and diaspora communities worldwide to work on shared issues to improve the life of the continent’s peoples. “There is now clear recognition that […]

Tailoring Trade And Development Policy To Work For The Development Of Countries Most In Need

Last week the European Commission presented an agenda to tailor trade and investment policies in favour of countries most in need, while providing new and different support to emerging economies. Responding to the present-day realities of world trade, the European […]