Clean, Safe Water Remains A Pipe Dream For The Poor

Ms Asha Zugile, a resident of Kola village in Coast Region’s Kisarawe District,  says that during the dry season, she, and fellow women face difficulties in accessing water because they do not have boreholes as they depend on traditional wells […]

Global Climate Talks Face Tough Legal Questions

Whether last year’s U.N. climate conference in Durban delivered a breakthrough in the international community’s response to climate change or kick-started a new clash of paradigms will be debated for the next couple of years. From the perspective of the […]

EU Highlights Trade-led Growth As Central To Modern Development Agenda

On 27 January, the European Commission will adopt a Communication that outlines how the EU’s trade, investment and development policies can work hand-in-hand to support poverty reduction as well as inclusive and sustainable growth in developing countries for the next […]

UN Secretary-General Outlines “The Future We Want”

In a statement titled, “The Future We Want” delivered at the UN General Assembly (UNGA), UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon outlined his plans for action over the next five years. He underscored sustainable development as first in his list of “five generational opportunities […]

World Must Wake Up To The Coming Crisis In The Sahel

If forecasters could draw isobars outlining human suffering, then the high pressure zone of human pain would surely be in the failed, and failing states, along the Sahel, and across to Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan, says Professor Malcolm Potts. This […]