Visiting UN Official Proposes US-Africa Agenda

Cheick Sidi Diarra didn’t hesitate in answering his rhetorical question about what the United States could do to further economic development in Africa. Mr. Diarra, the United Nations’ special adviser on Africa, was in Atlanta in late February at the […]

WTO Gives Special Treatment For Service Providers From LDCs

  The stated objective of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) – to open trade barriers worldwide – upholds that this could benefit every country, poorer or richer. But developing countries, and especially the least developed ones, have farther to go […]

Sustainable Development For The “Energy Poor”

  In the theater of environmental preservation, increasing the global poor’s access to energy is usually cast as a necessary evil because it comes at the expense of the environment. Yet, given the direct correlation between adequate access to energy […]

From Research to Action: Priorities for Least-Developed Countries in a Changing Global Economy

With a new global economic landscape, how can World Bank research help set priorities for growth in the poorest countries? Is there a roadmap least-developed countries can use to generate sustained economic growth and poverty reduction? Those questions were explored […]

UN And World Bank Call For Greater Partnership Between Governments And Business To Tackle Poverty In World’s Poorest Nations

The world’s poorest nations can accelerate economic growth by leveraging their comparative advantage, United Nations and economic experts heard on Friday. During an academic round-table held at Columbia University in New York City, sponsored by the UN, World Bank, and […]