From Research to Action: Priorities for Least-Developed Countries in a Changing Global Economy

With a new global economic landscape, how can World Bank research help set priorities for growth in the poorest countries? Is there a roadmap least-developed countries can use to generate sustained economic growth and poverty reduction? Those questions were explored […]

UN And World Bank Call For Greater Partnership Between Governments And Business To Tackle Poverty In World’s Poorest Nations

The world’s poorest nations can accelerate economic growth by leveraging their comparative advantage, United Nations and economic experts heard on Friday. During an academic round-table held at Columbia University in New York City, sponsored by the UN, World Bank, and […]

Rice For Light: Cash-Strapped Villagers Barter Produce For Electricity

  In late 2009, a small, private electricity supplier in Guinea, West Africa, launched its service in the remote rural village of Goyola. Similar efforts had been made in other parts of the country, but Goyola has proven unique; 100 […]

World Meets Goal Of Boosting Access To Clean Water But Lags On Better Sanitation

  The goal of reducing by half the number of people without access to safe drinking water has been achieved, well ahead of the 2015 deadline for reaching the globally agreed development targets aimed at ridding the world of extreme […]

ILO Launches ‘Toolkit’ To Ease Tourism Industry’s Woes

The International Labour Organisation has released a comprehensive training toolkit to promote decent work in the tourism industry and contribute to poverty reduction via the promotion of jobs in rural areas. Designed as training course, the toolkit is aimed at […]