Trade And Development: Optimism And Reality

  Trade and development often tagged together as integral to each other’s sustenance received a renewed emphasis in Mr. Pascal Lamy’s words this week while he spoke at the discussion meetings organised by the local chamber bodies and Bangladesh Economic […]

Shift To Low-carbon Consumption Could Hurt Poorer Nations: Study

If consumers in wealthy countries shift their spending to help curb climate change, buying fewer goods and more services, the economies of lower-income nations could suffer, says a new study from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). Researchers found that changing rich-nation […]

Bangladesh On Track To Achieve Middle-income Status By 2021

The Director General (DG) of World Trade Organisation (WTO) Pascal Lamy on Saturday in Dhaka said Bangladesh is “well on track” to achieve its development goals and become a middle-income country by 2021. “The government is well on track to […]

WTO Sends Message For UNCTAD XIII

“I hope that the UNCTAD XIII conference which takes place in Doha in 2012 will provide a timely opportunity to strengthen multilateralism” were the words of Mr. Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization in a message sent for […]

Urgent Need For “New Deal” In Equality And Sustainability

The pressing need for a global “new deal” to foster sustainable development and reduce inequalities was the conclusion of the 2012 Global Human Development Forum, a new initiative by the United Nations, held in Istanbul from Mar. 22-23. The event, […]