Somalia Needs Continued Assistance Despite Gains Against Famine

  The top United Nations relief official in Somalia said today that international humanitarian support last year in the face of drought and famine in the country succeeded in saving numerous lives, but the situation remains fragile, with millions of […]

Young Laotians Given A Chance To Read, Learn And Grow

Throughout the UK, one of the world’s most developed and most literate countries, local branch libraries are being threatened with closures. Readers and writers, parents and children, librarians and trade unionists are up in arms. Yet, unfortunately, the harsh truth […]

The Role of Remittance in the Economic Development of Somaliland

The international remittance markets have grown dramatically in many parts of the world for the past two decades or so. Yet their critical roles in the economic development of least developed countries are not widely known and acknowledged in the […]

New Plans For Women In LDCs To Win More Tenders

  The International Trade Centre (ITC), the Geneva-based joint agency of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations, has started looking into the issue of women missing out on lucrative procurement and government contracts, a common problem especially […]

Doha: The Non-“Development” Round

Trade ministers from around the world met at the World Trade Organization’s Eighth (8th) Ministerial Conference in Geneva (December 15th – 17th, 2011). They left the meeting with no clear path toward concluding the Doha Development Round, launched in November, […]