Green Climate Fund: Critical Negotiations Ahead

It is heartening indeed to learn that Bangladesh has been nominated by the least developed countries (LDCs) to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to help vulnerable countries fight climate risks. This was disclosed by Dr Hasan Mahmud, Minister for Environment […]

New paradigm needed to ensure global job creation and economic progress – UN officials

  United Nations senior officials today stressed the importance of establishing a new paradigm for growth that ensures social inclusiveness, job opportunities for all, and more accountability from the financial sector to tackle the ongoing global economic crisis. “It is […]

Laos Aiming To Leave LDC List

The government of Laos has taken the unique step of stating its ambition to graduate from the UN list of Least Developed Countries (LDC) by 2020.  LDCs represent the poorest and weakest segment of the international community, according to the United Nations, […]

Bangladesh Seeks $10b To Tackle Climate Change

  Environment and Forests Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud sought US$10 billion as grant from the donors and development partners of Bangladesh to successfully tackle the adverse impacts of climate change. The minister said the amount is needed for the protection […]

Young And Restless

The world population reached seven billion on October 1 last year. Of the total, 15-24 age group, defined as youth by the UN, represent 18 percent of global population (or 1.2 billion people).  Of these, 8.7 percent youth live in […]