ICT Can Boost Cooperative Movement In LDCs

In designating 2012 as the UN International Year of Cooperatives, the international community recognizes the cooperative business model, which prioritizes human needs over profit margins. Today over 1 billion people worldwide are members of cooperatives, meaning they (rather than shareholders) […]

Laos Clears WTO Entry Hurdle, Yemen Still Trying

Laos has cleared the last major hurdle in its 15-year quest for membership of the World Trade Organization and could finalise entry terms by the end of the year, according to internal documents seen by Reuters on Thursday. Laos is […]

IOM: Human Mobility Key to Green and Sustainable Development Agenda

In a world where more people than ever are on the move, there is an urgent need to include migration and migrants into efforts to develop a green and sustainable development agenda, says the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on […]

Trade Facilitation, LDC Accession Dominate Agenda at Paris Trade Ministers’ Meet

With the overall Doha Round talks still at an impasse, approximately 20 trade ministers meeting on the sidelines of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Ministerial Council Meeting discussed the potential of soon finalising an agreement on trade […]

Climate Change and Family Planning – Twin Issues for LDCs

The reproductive rights agenda, from improving women’s access to education to systematic family planning to reducing birth rates and combating poverty, has become a cornerstone of most industrialised nations’ development policies toward the least developed countries (LDCs), comprised primarily of […]