Economic Boom Worsened De-Industrialisation of LDCs

Least developed countries (LDCs) in Africa did not use the commodity export boom of the mid-2000s to diversify their economies from commodity dependence to manufacturing value-added products. Significantly, the agricultural sector has also not benefited, with the result that LDC […]

UN report urges changes in support structures for poor countries

Current international support measures for the least developed countries (LDCs) have failed to accelerate their growth and development and significant changes are needed to ensure better support structures for the poorer States, according to a United Nations report unveiled today. […]

USG Keynote Article on LDC Productive Capacity

As the world’s Least Developed Countries(LDCs) increasingly feel the effects of the global economic crisis, the Under Secretary-General & High Representative and Secretary General for the LDC IV Cheick Sidi Diarra argues that, in order to build up their resilience, […]

Helping the world’s Least Developed Countries

Debapriya Bhattacharya previews the issues to be discussed at the Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDCs) which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, in May 2011. A central dilemma, he explains, is that economic growth in the […]

More actions needed to sustain MDG progress

UNITED NATIONS – Exactly 10 years ago, 189 heads of state gathered at the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York. They agreed to achieve a group of eight development goals from slashing poverty, expanding primary education, combating diseases such […]