4 June 2017 – Equatorial Guinea graduates from the category of Least Developed Countries

Equatorial Guinea, 34 years after its inclusion, graduated from the category the LDC category on 4 June 2017, following a transition period of three and a half years after the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of resolution A/RES/68/18 of 4 December 2013, which took note of the decision of the Economic and Social Council E/RES/2012/32 to endorse the recommendation of the Committee for Development Policy on this matter.

Equatorial Guinea is the fifth country graduating since the creation of the category in 1971. Previously, Botswana (1994), Cabo Verde (2007), Maldives (2011) and Samoa (2014) also graduated. Vanuatu and Angola are scheduled to graduate in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

With the graduation of Equatorial Guinea, there are still 33 LDCs in Africa, 13 in Asia and the Pacific and 1 in Latin America and the Caribbean, totaling 47 LDCs.

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