Decision adopted by UNCDF Executive Board for mainstreaming Brussels POA

As directed by UN General Assembly Resolution 3122 (XXVIII) of 1974, the United Nations Capital Development Fund works first and foremost in Least Developed Countries. Its contribution to the reduction of poverty is in two areas of strategic assistance: support to decentralized public investments and support to private investments through microfinance. Within this context, the UNCDF approach is to support LDCs to pilot small-scale investments that can be replicated on a larger scale with the assistance of other development partners who can bring additional financial support.

In September 2002, the Executive Board reaffirmed this orientation by recognizing, in decision 2002/26 that, “the mission of the United Nations Capital Development Fund is consistent with the main objective of poverty reduction of the Millennium Declaration and relevant to the implementation of the Brussels Programme of Action for the Least Developed Countries adopted in 2001.”

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