Region: Eastern Africa
Capital: Kampala
Population (2012): 33,640,833
Surface area: 241,038 sq km
Currency: Ugandan Shilling
GDP per capita (2011): US $ 558

Economy – Overview: Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, small deposits of copper, gold, and other minerals, and recently discovered oil. Uganda has never conducted a national minerals survey. Agriculture is the most important sector of the economy, employing over 80% of the work force. Coffee accounts for the bulk of export revenues. Since 1986, the government – with the support of foreign countries and international agencies – has acted to rehabilitate and stabilize the economy by undertaking currency reform, raising producer prices on export crops, increasing prices of petroleum products, and improving civil service wages. The policy changes are especially aimed at dampening inflation and boosting production and export earnings. Since 1990 economic reforms ushered in an era of solid economic growth based on continued investment in infrastructure, improved incentives for production and exports, lower inflation, better domestic security, and the return of exiled Indian-Ugandan entrepreneurs. Oil revenues and taxes will become a larger source of government funding as oil comes on line in the next few years.

Human Development Index ranking (2012):161 out of 186
Net Official Development Assistance (ODA) (2011): US $ 1,582 million
Top Three Donors of gross: Untied States, IDA, EU Institutions
FDI inflows (2012): $ 1,721 million
Total External Debt (2011): US $ 3.8 billion
External debt stock (% of GNI) (2011): 23.5
Merchandise exports (2011): US$ 2,159 million
Terms of trade index (2012): 110
Major export commodities: Coffee, Fish fillets
Cost to export per container (2013): US $ 3,050
HIPC Position (2013): Post Completion Point

United Nations membership date: 25 October 1962
New York Mission:
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Uganda to the United Nations,
336 East 45th Street, New York, N.Y.10017
Telephone: 212-949-0110 / 0111 / 0112 / 0113
Fax: 212-687-4517

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Updated July 2013