Distinguished colleagues
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have come to the closing of this meeting after a long day of intensive and fruitful brainstorming about the implementation of the IPoA. I would like to congratulate all participants for their engagement in the discussions and especially those who prepared presentations at short notice.
As was stressed time an again, all the achievements in the negotiations of the IPoA will remain just paper unless efforts are made to implement the commitment made. Thus I would like to call on all of you and the organizations and countries you represent to stay fully engaged in support for the LDCs, which certainly require it most.
I would like to commend again the UN system organizations, including funds and programmes, specialized agencies, Bretton Woods Institutions; as well as other international and regional multilateral organizations for their extraordinary support to the Conference and its entire preparatory process, both substantively and logistically and look forward to even increased collaboration with them.
In my view the discussions about the different priority areas for action were very fruitful. Let me highlight a few key points:
  • Productive capacity as the main focus of the IPoA needs to be given high priority not only by agencies whose core mandate is closely related to the enhancement of productive capacity but also by all other stakeholders.
  • It was encouraging to hear that many UN departments and organisations already have made commitments to streamline the IPoA and give priority to LDCs and I call on others to follow their example.
  • With respect to the inclusion of issues relevant to LDCs in international fora it is very encouraging that the G20 meeting on agriculture has already included LDC concerns and contributions to actions of the IPoA, which will hopefully be repeated in other events. But this is only going to happen if member states and relevant organisations continue advocating.
  • We also heard that some progress with respect to ODA, market access, and AfT has been made even despite the global crises. We need to intensify our efforts in these and other areas and implement the IPoA commitments in order to reach its ambitious objectives.
  • It is also very clear that the implementation of the IPoA is closely linked to other UN processes, especially the MDGs and climate change related negotiations in which LDCs specific vulnerabilities should be looked at.
  • Furthermore good governance at all levels is a precondition for the implementation of the IPoA and thus issues related to good government were highlighted not only in the dedicated session but are also relevant in all other priority areas for action.
  • Sharing of experiences and lessons learned has been mentioned throughout the day. In my view this is a crucial part for the meaningful implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the IPoA and should be done more intensively at all levels.
With a view to ensuring the full engagement of all stakeholders in a coordinated manner, we have discussed  a comprehensive roadmap for the implementation, follow-up and monitoring of the Istanbul Programme of Action for the least developed countries for the decade 2011-2020, and I am very encouraged by that.
Let me briefly highlight some of the main and most urgent actions for the coming months and years:
Further strengthen the coordination of support for LDCs by the UN system through the IACG mechanism.
  • The mainstreaming of the IPoA into national development strategies and aid strategies is one of the most urgent tasks at hand. LDCs need full support in this respect especially at the country level. In addition the inclusion of LDC issues at international fora like the G-20 and the Aid Effectiveness meetings is closely linked to mainstreaming and advocacy for the IPoA.
  • Building on the country level experiences the regional component of the implementation and follow-up also needs to be strengthened involving all relevant regional and subregional organizations.
  • Establishment of a working group on the Indicators to monitor the implementation of the objectives, goals and targets of the IPoA
  • With respect to monitoring and evaluation a more inclusive and participatory process, coordinated by my Office, with substantive inputs from the whole UN system and beyond is needed. I call on agencies and organizations, which do not have LDC Focal points yet, to appoint them very soon.
  • I would also like to remind you of the list of deliverables, which is in the folders on the table. This will also be a useful instrument for monitoring, at different levels. Thus we need your concise inputs on additions to the list in the coming days.
  • Specific follow-up measures to the IPoA include the establishment of a Task Force to work on the terms of reference for the joint gap and capacity analysis with the aim of establishing a Technology Bank and Science, Technology and Innovation supporting mechanism.
  • We also need to keep the momentum of engaging all groups of stakeholders, especially parliaments, civil society and the private sector.
I would like to thank all of you again for your engagement in the process and wish those of you who have traveled here a safe trip home. I look forward to continued and expanded collaboration in the coming months and years.
Thank you.