Location: Eastern Europe

Capital: Chisinau

Population (2012): 3, 656,843
Surface area: 33,851 sq km
Currency: Moldovan Lei
GDP per capita (2011): US $ 1,975
Economy – Overview:
Moldova remains one of the poorest countries in Europe despite recent progress from its small economic base. It enjoys a favourable climate and good farmland but has no major mineral deposits. As a result, the economy depends heavily on agriculture, featuring fruits, vegetables, wine, and tobacco. Moldova must import almost all of its energy supplies. The onset of the global financial crisis and poor economic conditions in Moldova’s main foreign markets caused GDP to fall 6% in 2009. Unemployment almost doubled and inflation disappeared – at -0.1%, a record low. Moldova’s IMF agreement expired in May 2009. In fall 2009, the IMF allocated $186 million to Moldova to cover its immediate budgetary needs, and the government signed a new agreement with the IMF in January 2010 for a program worth $574 million. In 2010, an upturn in the world economy boosted GDP growth to 6.5% and inflation to 7.3%. Nevertheless, the government’s primary goal of EU integration has resulted in some market-oriented progress. The granting of EU trade preferences and increased exports to Russia will encourage higher growth rates, but the agreements are unlikely to serve as a panacea, given the extent to which export success depends on higher quality standards and other factors. The economy had modest growth in 2011, expanding by 6.8%. However, in 2012, with the Euro crisis and a devastating drought, Moldova’s GDP stalled at an estimated 0.3% growth over 2011.
Human Development Index ranking (2012): 113 out of 186
Net Official Development Assistance (ODA) (2011): US $ 469 million
FDI inflows (2012): $ 159million
Top Three Donors of gross ODA: EU Institutions, United States, IDA
Total External Debt (2011): US $ 5.4 billion
External debt stock (% of GNI) (2011): 72
Merchandise exports (2011): US$ 2,217 million
Terms of trade index (2012): 101.5
Major export commodities: Insulated (including enamelled or anodised) wire, cable; wine and grapes; sunflower seeds
Cost to export per container (2013): US $ 1,545
HIPC Position (2012): Not eligible

United Nations Membership date: 2 March 1992

New York Mission:
Address: Permanent Mission of the Republic of Moldova to the United Nations
35 East 29th Street, New York, N.Y. 10016
Telephone: (212) 447-1867
Telefax: (212) 447-4067
e-mail: unmoldova@aol.com
website: http://www.onu.mfa.md
Correspondence: English
National holiday: 27 August