Region: Western Africa
Capital: Niamey
Population (2012): 16,344,687
Surface area: 1.267 million sq. km
Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc
GDP per capita (2011): US $ 397

Economy – Overview:

Niger’s economy centres on subsistence crops, livestock, and some of the world’s largest uranium deposits. Agriculture contributes about 40% of GDP. Niger also has sizable reserves of oil, and oil production, refining, and exports are expected to grow significantly between 2011 and 2016. Drought, desertification, and strong population growth have undercut the economy. In December 2005, Niger received 100% multilateral debt relief from the IMF, which translates into the forgiveness of approximately US $86 million in debts to the IMF, excluding the remaining assistance under HIPC. In 2010, the Niger economy was recovering from the effects of a 2009 drought that reduced grain and cowpea production and decimated livestock herds. The economy was also hurt when the international community cut off non-humanitarian aid in response to Tandja’s moves to extend his term as president. Nearly half of the government’s budget is derived from foreign donor resources. Future growth may be sustained by exploitation of oil, gold, coal, and other mineral resources.

Human Development Index ranking (2012): 186 out of 186
Net Official Development Assistance (ODA) (2011): US $ 646 million
Top Three Donors of gross ODA: EU Institutions, France, IDA
FDI inflows (2012): $ 92 million
Total External Debt (2011): US $ 1.4 billion
External debt stock (% of GNI) (2011): 23.7
Merchandise exports (2011): US$ 1,250 million
Terms of trade index (2012): 169
Major export commodities: Uranium, Gold, vegetables
Cost to export per container (2013): US $ 3,676
HIPC Position (2013): Post Completion Point

United Nations membership date: 20 September 1960

New York Mission
Permanent Mission of the Niger to the United Nations
417 East 50th Street
New York, N.Y. 10022 USA
Telephone: 212-421-3260 / 3261 / 3286
Fax: 212-753-6931


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Updated July 2013