Midterm Review of the Almaty Programme of Action, 2007 - 2008

As requested by the General Assembly in its resolution 61/212, UN-OHRLLS coordinated preparations for this meeting and mobilized necessary extra-budgetary resources to facilitate the participation of one representative from each landlocked developing country and each least developed transit developing country. The UNCTAD secretariat prepared substantive documents on the current situation of transit transport infrastructure development in landlocked and transit developing countries. UN-OHRLLS, in cooperation with UNCTAD and UN Regional Commissions, assisted landlocked developing countries in drafting the outcome of the thematic meeting. The Regional Development Banks and relevant regional integration organizations were actively involved in the thematic meeting on transit transport infrastructure development. The host government provided conference facilities including meeting rooms, local transportation and interpretation.
The thematic meeting on infrastructure development resulted in a document on priority areas for cooperation for transit transport infrastructure development, which will be used as substantive contribution to the midterm review.
The meeting brought the following benefits:
  • Review the progress made in the implementation of priority two of the Almaty Programme of Action on transit transport infrastructure development and maintenance.
  • Deliberate on future actions needed to further strengthen the global partnership for establishing efficient transit transport systems.
  • Contribute to the substantive preparations for the midterm review of the implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action.


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