Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have approached the end of what I believe to be a very stimulating and productive discussion on “The Governance Challenge in Africa”. As you all observed from the presentations and discussions this issue is critical to making progress in realizing the goals of eradicating poverty and achieving durable peace and sustainable development on the African continent.

Our Keynote speaker commenced the discussion with the sharing of his perspectives from a vantage point of many years of experience in this field. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to him for his participation.

During the discussion, our panelists looked at some of the key challenges of governance from both a state and non-state perspective, including the effectiveness of democratic institutions and the integrity of the governance processes, as well as the role cities play in the transformation of a country; the increasing importance of non-state actors, including corporate actors and civil society, in the governance aspect of the development process; the role and effectiveness of the judiciary system and legislatures, including reference to women and the issue of human rights; and Africa’s own governance initiatives such as the African Peer Review Mechanism.

(Mr. Diarra’s additional elaboration of key points which arose from the meeting).

I would like to thank our distinguished panelists for providing us with their particular insights into the issue of governance and further for enriching the deliberations. 

I must especially thank the Co-chairs for the efficient way in which they guided the discussions and for their excellent summary of the deliberations. Thank you Sir, Madame. I also wish to thank our institutional collaborators UN-HABITAT, the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), UNIFEM, UNODC and UN-ECA and in particular our partner and co-sponsor the United Nations University for their contribution to this event.

Finally, on behalf of the co-sponsors of the event, the United Nations University, and on behalf of my office, the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa, I should like to thank all of you very much for taking the time to attend and for participating actively in the discussions with your questions and comments. I believe we touched on a number of critical issues which should be of benefit to us in our respective work. A summary report of the conclusions and recommendations of our discussion will be made available in due course.

Thank you.