The Caribbean Preparatory Meeting for the MSI+5 Review is being held in conjuction with the 23rd Session of the ECLAC Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee (CDCC) with the aim of maximizing participation and impact of actions. The broad objective of the 23rd session of the CDCC is to undertake an assessment of current development trends for the Caribbean and define ECLAC’s strategic role in support of regional integration and national development aspirations.

The main objectives of Caribbean Regional Meeting for the MSI+5 Review are:

  • to provide a forum for the SIDS of the Caribbean region to evaluate continuing national and regional challenges in implementing the Mauritius Strategy as outlined in the respective national assessment reports,

  • to assess ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities,

  • to discuss common priorities for action,

  • and to prepare a regional synthesis report for consideration by CSD-18 acting as the preparatory committee for the high-level review of the Mauritius Strategy in September 2010.


The meeting is organized by the SIDS Unit in collaboration with the Government of Grenada, ECLAC, CARICOM, UNDP and UNEP.

Inputs into the Regional Meeting

Small Island Developing States in the region have prepared National Assessment Reports according to guidelines sent out by the SIDS Unit..

UN Agencies, intergovernmental organizations, non-SIDS countries and major groups were also asked to submit inputs to the review process.