Antigua and Barbuda

Region: Caribbean

Capital: St John’s

Population: 91,818 (2015 World Bank est.)

Currency: East Caribbean dollar (XCD)

GDP (current US$): 1.259 Billion (2015 World Bank est.)

United Nations membership date: 11 November 1981

New York Mission:

Permanent Mission of Antigua and Barbuda to the United Nations
305 East 47th Street, 6th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10017
Telephone: (212)-541-4117
Fax: (212)-757-1607


The Siboney were the first to inhabit the islands of Antigua and Barbuda in 2400 B.C., but Arawak Indians populated the islands when Columbus landed on his second voyage in 1493. Early settlements by the Spanish and French were succeeded by the English who formed a colony in 1667. Slavery, established to run the sugar plantations on Antigua, was abolished in 1834. The islands became an independent state within the British Commonwealth of Nations in 1981.


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Updated May 2017