Ministerial Meeting of Asia-Pacific LDCs on Graduation and Post-2015 Development Agenda

16-18 December 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Ministerial Meeting of Asia-Pacific LDCs on graduation and post 2015 will be held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 16-18 December 2014. The meeting aims at contributing to the graduation process in LDCs, exploring how this process can be backed up by strong national strategies, while mainstreaming graduation into development cooperation strategies and linking effectively with the IPoA midterm review and post-2015 development framework.

The LDCs comprise more than 880 million people (about 12 per cent of world population), but account for less than 2 percent of world GDP and about 1 percent of global trade in goods. Ever since the category of LDCs was established by the UN General Assembly in 1971, the international community has been paying greater attention to the development of the LDCs including through national actions and international support measures contained in the successive programmes of action.

The Istanbul Programme of Action (IPoA) adopted at the Fourth UN Conference on LDCs in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2011 constitutes an ambitious agenda by the international community to address the challenges faced by the LDCs, based on the fundamental tenets of mutual accountability as well as strengthened and enhanced international cooperation. The overarching goal of the IPoA is to overcome the structural challenges faced by the LDCs in order to eradicate poverty, achieve internationally agreed development goals and enable them for graduation from the LDC category. It also recognizes that the LDCs represent an enormous potential for world economic growth, stability and prosperity. The IPoA sets an ambitious objective of enabling half the number of LDCs to meet the criteria for graduation by 2020. The IPoA is the first global programme of action for LDCs containing a section on “graduation and smooth transition”, recognising the need to do more in this area, if its overarching goal is to be achieved. Therefore, the Kathmandu Ministerial Meeting will convene government ministers, high level officials and experts from the Asia-Pacific LDCs, including some of the recently graduated countries, from traditional donor countries and emerging economies, as well as participants from international and regional financial institutions and representatives of civil society and private sector organizations to share views and experiences on graduation from the LDC category, identify key enablers and drivers as well as best practices. Also mainstreaming of graduation strategies in the national development process and how this process can be supported by development partners will be discussed.



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