Inaugural Meeting of the International Think Tank for LLDCs

This historic meeting will be the inaugural meeting of the ITT for LLDCs, organized for member states, observers, and supporters. It will be a symbolic event, providing a platform for thematic multilateral discussion of LLDCs’ special needs, challenges, and international development issues. 

The main goal of this meeting is to provide all LLDCs with the possibility to attend the inaugural meeting of the ITT for LLDCs, and to open up an opportunity to express areas of interest for future collaboration with the ITT for LLDCs. This meeting will also bring together all current and potential members of the ITT for LLDCs and other development partners and stakeholders.

This meeting will not only mark the historic inauguration of the ITT for LLDCs but will also, through its interactive discussions and thematic sessions, facilitate the exchange of information and experiences among LLDC government officials, donor countries, and international experts. 

Important Documents
Meeting Agenda
Concept Note
Information Note
Background Note
Think Tank Website
Press Release 

OUTCOME DOCUMENT: Ulaanbaatar Declaration

Day 1

Opening Session

Session 1: Introduction of the International Think Tank for LLDCs

Session 2: Future collaboration within the framework of the ITT for LLDCs     

Thematic Panel/Session 1: Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Diversification of LLDCs

Thematic Panel/Session 2: ICT-Connectivity and LLDCs

Thematic panel/session 3: Infrastructure Development, Transit Transport Corridors and trade facilitation: Challenges and opportunities of LLDCs

Closing Session