National Stakeholder Sensitization Workshop on the Vienna Programme of Action

27-29 October 2015, Gaborone, Botswana


Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) face special challenges that are linked to their geography, including remoteness from major international markets, inadequate transport infrastructure and high transport and transaction costs. The Vienna Programme of Action for Landlocked Developing Countries, adopted in Vienna, Austria, in November 2014, for the decade 2014-2024, set an overarching goal of addressing development needs and challenges of those countries in a more coherent manner and thus contributing to an enhanced rate of sustainable and inclusive economic growth which can help eradicate poverty. The VPoA encourages LLDCs to establish national coordination mechanisms where appropriate and involve all relevant stakeholders as appropriate in monitoring and review. It is therefore critical that appropriate mechanisms and indicators for monitoring the implementation of the VPoA at the national level are identified.

The Event

It is in this context that the Government of Botswana, in collaboration with UN-OHRLLS, has decided to undertake a national stakeholder sensitization workshop on the VPoA. The overall goal of the Workshop is to enhance understanding of key stakeholders, including Government officials, civil society and private sector so that they can effectively implement the Vienna Programme of Action and mainstream it at the national level.

The Workshop will bring together a select number of national stakeholders from the Government, Civil Society, Regional Organizations, Private Sector, Development Organizations, Donor Countries, and some UN and other International Organizations such as OHRLLS, UNCTAD, UNECA, UNDP, and World Bank. 

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