Best Practices on UN System Support to the LDCs 

As the decade of implementation of the IPoA is getting to a close, preparations are underway for the Fifth UN Conference on Least Developed Countries (UNLDC-V Conference) that will take place from 21-25 March 2021 in Doha (Qatar). The Conference will include a UN high-level event convened by the Secretary-General to ensure the full mobilization of the UN system in support of the LDCs (per UN General Assembly resolution 74/232, para 50).

With a view to inform discussions during that high-level event, OHRLLS collaborated with UN system organizations that are part of the Inter-agency Consultative Group on LDCs (IACG) to get an overview of UN system efforts to support the LDCs, and to identify best practices.

Through a questionnaire administered by OHRLLS in January and February 2020, 32 organizations kindly shared information on: how they organized themselves internally to support the LDCs, in the context of the IPoA; initiatives and actions they put in place to help LDCs make progress on sustainable development; and best practices that have led to positive, and in some cases transformational changes in the LDCs.

The information collected through this exercise will be consolidated into a report that will facilitate a better understanding of the work of the UN system across the LDCs in the lead up to UNLDC-V. It will further inform the High-Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP) of the UN Chief Executive Board (CEB), in its efforts to support coordination and follow-up in the IPoA’s implementation on a system-wide basis. 

This exercise complements information gathered within the OHRLLS Mainstreaming Toolkit that was prepared ahead of the Comprehensive High Level Midterm Review of the IPoA in Antalya (Turkey) in 2016.