The Fourth United Nations Conference on LDCs adopted the Istanbul Declaration and the Istanbul Programme of Action for the decade 2011-2020 (IPoA). The IPoA takes the form of a mutually agreed compact between LDCs and their development partners and contains eight priority areas of action, each supported by concrete deliverables and commitments. These eight development priorities include productive capacity, agriculture, food security and rural development, trade, commodities, human and social development, multiple crises and other emerging challenges, mobilizing financial resources for development and capacity- building, and governance at all levels.An emphasis is placed on equity at all levels through empowering the poor and marginalized, and ensuring social justice, democracy, gender equality and sustained, inclusive and equitable economic growth and sustainable development.

With the adoption of such a comprehensive and result-oriented Programme of Action, the new and challenging phase ahead is one of ensuring that the deliverables and commitments in favour of LDCs lead to concrete actions. Cognizant of the need not to loose the momentum built in the wake of the successful conclusion of the Fourth United Nations Conference on LDCs, a Roadmap has been developed to ensure a swift move towards the implementation phase of the newly adopted Programme of Action. Seen as a planning tool, the roadmap is designed for the purpose of steering the LDCs and their development partners on a path of a coordinated, coherent and effective and gender sensitive implementation of the IPoA.
The Roadmap provides for concise insight into the:
  • The different vehicles/actors that will be used in order to accelerate the implementation of the IPoA (Intergovernmental machinery, UN system and other international organizations and regional banks, Global Partnerships, South-South Cooperation and Multistakeholder Engagement );
  • The objectives which the above vehicles/actors will help arrive at;
  • The activities/steps, including the substantive ones, which need to be deployed in order to deliver the expected outcomes.